The Historian


Time travel is the greatest current threat to national security. All those accused of acts of time terrorism will be prosecuted swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law.

When scientists invented a means to travel through time years ago, the government swooped in with its typical regulatory finesse. Now the Department of Time and its Secretary, Vincent Garland, use the technology to defend extensive laws invading personal freedom.

Emilia Falk, a historian at the Department, works uneventful nine-to-five days tediously writing time travel reports, until her quiet life is shattered when her sister is suddenly accused of the capital crime of time terrorism.

Emilia must delve deeper into the mysterious Department of Time to discover the truth behind her sister’s actions and the startling plans of the Department itself.

The Historian is speculative fiction which examines what our society would look like if time travel was just another thing to be regulated by our government and how far someone would go to get answers.

People are saying…

From Amazon & Goodreads:
“…The Historian keeps you guessing until the very end.” -Jacob N.
“… a fast-paced page turner.” -Jeffrey C.
“… I stayed up late to finish the story.” -TracieB
“…A fascinating story… definitely worth reading and I highly recommend it.” -Valerie B.

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