July Recap: Not quite there

July was not what I expected. I was so ready to tackle Camp NaNoWriMo. I was ready to finish a project. I was ready to write. Buuuut things didn’t really work out the way that I planned.

Writing: In total, I wrote 24,330 words in July. That’s better than all of my other non-challenge months, but it’s way lower than the last Camp in April. More importantly, it’s less than half of my goal of 50,000. Going forward in August, I need to make some decisions. I need to decide which project(s) I’m going to work on, so I stay focused. I didn’t write yesterday, and I may not tonight. I feel a little lost with my writing at this point. I know that I need to go back and finish a couple projects and edit The Travelers, but I also have an urge to start another new story. I know, I know. It’s a problem.

Reading: I read 10 books in July, and they were all lovely. My favorite was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. If you’re a child of the 80s and you love nerdy things, you must read this book. It was incredible. I found out that Steven Spielberg is making this into a movie, and it made me so excited. I also read a couple of more books by a horror author I really enjoy, Ania Ahlborn. If you like scary stories, I highly recommend her works.

Watching: I finally finished Daredevil! Liked it, didn’t love it. I also finished the most recent season of Orange is the New Black, and I am almost caught up with Hannibal (RIP, lovely show). I’m still watching True Detective, even though I’m not a huge fan of this season. I’m currently in the middle of another X-Files rewatch, in honor of the upcoming revival. I am very excited. I think this is the fifth time I’ve done a complete rewatch, but I’m not entirely sure. Up next: finish X-Files, rewatch Twin Peaks, watch Heroes (or, at least, season 1).

How did July go for you, readers? Here’s hoping you were able to meet your goals!

4 thoughts on “July Recap: Not quite there

  1. Wow July… A lot happened for me. I started my blog, I continued writing my novel (I’m currently 22k words in). I’ve wrote about 20ish short stories in July and about 5 poems. My first ever poem was written in July. Damn didn’t realise just how much happened in a month. I’ve followed, feel free to check out my blog 🙂


  2. I meant to comment on your post earlier, but didn’t get around to it. I can understand the frustrations of not finishing certain projects. I have a few that I’ve left in the middle of the page. (I write my drafts with pen and paper.) My focus is on this short story series I keep saying I’m going to post. But that may change if I don’t feel it’s going anywhere.

    Everyone tells me that I should start typing out my drafts. That way, I can print them out and can edit them better. Also, I can send them to CPs to have them look at them and see what can be improved upon and what works. Also, I can keep up with all my projects better than I can with a notebook ( which I will keep).

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